TOKİ, which makes millions of people homeowners every year, sells housing and cheap workplaces in 42 cities.

The price of the real estates offered for sale starts from 56 thousand TL. The campaign and sales of TOKİ, which has made millions of people homeowners, continue.

According to the news in Yeni Şafak; Houses and workplaces sold by auction and lottery method in 43 provinces were put up for sale.

Buyers will be able to own the houses offered for sale in these cities, with a 25, 40 or 50 down payment, with a maturity of 60 or 180 months. Banking services for the auction will be carried out by Türkiye Halk Bankası and TC Ziraat Bankası.

Applications and guarantees will be accepted through all branches of these banks. Detailed information can be obtained from the internet addresses

tr ​​and and by calling 444 86 54. 1,380 residences and workplaces, whose lot and auction dates were changed, were put up for sale.

Here are the cities with residences and workplaces whose prices start from 56 thousand TL…

Prices for 3 offices in Adana Yuregir start from 180 thousand TL. Afyonkarahisar Dinar 1 office Price is 245 thousand TL, Amasya Suluova- Merzifon 1 office + 1 house Prices start from 150 thousand TL. Ankara Mamak-Çubuk-Sincan-Altındağ-Kahramankazan-Temelli 18 workplaces and residences Prices start from 91 thousand TL. Balıkesir 6 offices and residences Prices start from 102 thousand TL, Bilecik- Pazaryeri- Osmaneli 2 residences Prices start from 185 thousand TL. Bingöl-Adaklı 1 residence Price from 178 thousand TL, Bitlis – Merkez 4 offices Price from 56 thousand TL, Bolu Mengen-Seben 5 offices + residence Price from 140 thousand TL, Burdur Gölhisar 1 office + residence Price 117 thousand TL from Bursa Orhangazi 2 houses Price 194 thousand TL, Çorum Center-Dodurga 8 houses Price 71 thousand TL, Denizli Merkezefendi 1 house Price 185 thousand TL

Diyarbakir Kayapınar 1 house Price 232 thousand TL, Elazig Merkez 15 Office Price from 585 thousand TL, Erzincan Refahiye – Çukurkuyu – Tercan 20 houses Price from 157 thousand TL, Erzurum Ilıca – Aşkale 13 houses Price from 118 thousand TL, Eskişehir Tepebaşı 1 house from 163 thousand TL, Gaziantep Şehitkamil 2 workplaces. Price starts from 195 thousand TL.İstanbul Kayabaşı – Başakşehir – Ataşehir – Gaziosmanpaşa 22 residences + office Price from 188 thousand TL, İzmir Karabağlar – Tire – Torbalı – Kemalpaşa 554 houses Price from 230 thousand TL, Karabük Center 1 house Price from 252 thousand TL, Karaman Center 6 offices Price from 70 thousand TL,

Kars Sarıkamış 3 offices Price from 75 thousand TL, Kayseri Center 1 workplace Price from 170 thousand TL, Kırklareli Center 1 house Price from 191 thousand TL, Kırşehir Center – Kaman 3 residences + office Price from 155 thousand TL,

Konya Meram – Karapınar 19 residences + Office Price from 138 thousand TL , Kütahya İnköy – Altıntaş – Dumlupınar 4 houses Price from 142 thousand TL, Malatya Darende – Merkez 2 houses Price from 142 thousand TL, Manisa Kırkağaç 3 houses Price from 183 thousand TL, Muş Center 258 houses Price from 193 thousand TL , Niğde Bor – Efendiney – Merkez – Altunhisar 6 offices and houses Price from 105 thousand TL, Ordu Center – 1 house Price from 228 thousand TL,

Şanlıurfa Akçakale 265 houses Price from 198 thousand TL, Tekirdağ Center 3 houses Price from 136 thousand TL, Tokat Center 1 house Price from 196 thousand TL, Trabzon Yomra – Arakli 20 houses Price from 196 thousand TL, Uşak Center and Karahanlı 3 residences and workplace Price starts from 184 thousand TL, Yozgat Bogazlıyan 1 residence Price starts from 137 thousand TL, Zonguldak Center 1 workplace Price starts from 140 thousand TL.

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