For a long time now , storms have been blowing between Apple and Facebook .

With the iOS 14.5, iPadOS 14.5 and tvOS 14.5 update, Application Tracking Transparency was offered to users.

This feature prevents applications from tracking the user without their permission. Facebook opposed App Tracking Transparency, stating that advertisers and especially small companies would face difficulties.

With iOS 15 , user privacy will be taken to the next level and users will not be tracked. It looks like Facebook will try new ways to tackle this.

Here are the details…Apple recently introduced the iPhone 13 series, Apple Watch Series 7 and new iPads at an event it held. The technology giant also announced that iOS 15 will be released on September 20. The new operating system includes many important innovations in terms of user privacy and security.

With iOS 15 , applications will be prevented from following users. This will make it difficult for all advertised applications, especially Facebook .

Not ignoring that the decision taken will make it difficult for the ads to be shown to the right people , Facebook announced that it has developed new features with its statements and will make them available in the near future.The new features of Facebook, which is said to be forced to dispose of the applications it has a while ago, suggest that the rumors are not cared for.According In fact, a user will have the opportunity to easily access posts related to a category he is interested in.


However, the main purpose of this feature will be to show ads according to the user’s interests.Business owners can buy ads that allow users to message them on Facebook ,

WhatsApp or Instagram. single tap on Instagram.The features that Facebook is working on are not limited to these.In addition to all these, a new feature called “Work Account” will be offered to business employees clear when the new features would be available.

In other words , it seems that the company, which wants to rule out iOS 15, will take its steps quickly and try to prevent the decrease in advertising revenues. (Webtechno)

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