A new report on cyber security has been shared.

In the report, which analyzed mobile security and common security vulnerabilities, it was stated that in the first half of 2021, Google , Microsoft and Oracle were the top three names in security vulnerabilities.

Here are the details…

According to the report prepared by AtlasVPN, Google is at the top with more than 547 identified vulnerabilities, followed by Microsoft with 432 openings and Oracle with 316 openings .

However, the source revealed that the biggest security breaches in internet history took place in the first half of 2021.

The report highlighted that Colonial Pipeline, Kaseya and JBS Foods were victims of devastating ransomware attacks.

With the increase in such attacks, Microsoft has had to warn Azure users of security flaws.On the other hand, Apple recently fixed an important security vulnerability that allows access to iPhones.


It was also revealed that the SolarWinds attack poses a great danger to commercial and government institutions.The source stated that Google has compromised more than three billion Chrome users worldwide with more than 547 vulnerabilities.

Microsoft ‘s open to more Microsoft Exchange will be caused by one of the information contained in the report.

Oracle ‘s vulnerabilities were discovered in Oracle WebLogic Server, which acts as a platform for the development, execution, and publishing of enterprise Java-based applications.In addition to these technology giants, 200 vulnerabilities were found in Cisco and 118 in SAP.

This allows hackers to access millions of systems.

Technology companies monitor security vulnerabilities and take the necessary action. They keep their systems and services up to date.

However, individual users or institutions also protect against security vulnerabilities. It needs to keep its systems up to date.”

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