Hackers are not sitting idle.

They are trying to access valuable information of users by using new methods or improving old methods.

In the reports they share, security experts warn users about cybercrime, which has increased recently.

A while ago, it was determined that a new malware called Flytrap was stealing Facebook account information. This malicious software has spread in 144 countries, including Turkey .

Google had removed the applications where FlyTrap was hidden from the Play Store . However, the technology giant warned users about the dangerous applications in question and stated that if they are installed on their phones, they should delete them.A while ago , it was determined that the malware called FlyTrap targeted Facebook users on the Android platform .

Some applications where FlyTrap was hidden were available in the Google Play Store . Security researchers contacted Google and the tech giant removed the apps in question.

Google repeated its warning regarding FlyTrap and again warned users to delete one of the apps if they installed it.

The applications that have FlyTrap and have been removed from the Play Store are as follows:

-GG Voucher

-Vote European Football

-GG Coupon Ads

-GG Voucher Ads

-GG Voucher


-Net Coupon

-Net Coupon

-EURO 2021

Official FlyTrap tricks users with various campaigns such as voting for the best football team or player, using some applications for free for a short time, credits for games or applications, and redirecting them to a fake page similar to Facebook ‘s login page.

When victims enter their username and password, Facebook gets their account information.

According to the experts, apart from the username, password and e-mail, the malware can access the IP address, as well as the cookies related to the Facebook account, and more details.

The captured information is transmitted to FlyTrap’s command and control server.Security researchers stated that if users have installed the applications in the list, they should immediately delete them and install an antivirus program and scan their devices.

However, they also advised against installing apps from third-party stores.

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