Apple introduced the new iPhones last week and recently released iOS 15 as well.

While the technology giant is on the agenda with its new products, its plans behind closed doors have also emerged.

Allegedly, Apple has teamed up with the University of California (UCLA) and Biogen to determine whether health data can be used to detect depression, anxiety, and cognitive impairment at an early stage .

Apple has so far offered many health-related features to users. But a recent report that hit the spotlight suggests that Apple has partnered with UCLA and a pharmaceutical company, Biogen , to detect depression, anxiety, and cognitive impairment .

According to the news of The Wall Street Journal, which is based on anonymous Apple sources, Apple has collaborated on two different research projects.

The project, called Seabreeze, in partnership with Apple and UCLA, focuses on depression and anxiety , while the collaboration with Biogen , called Pi, addresses mild cognitive impairment.There are some remarkable details in The Wall Street Journal’s report.

Apple and UCLA’s project uses data from the iPhone’s cameras, keyboard, and sound sensors. Data from the Apple Watch is also taken into account.

So essentially everything is included in the research project—facial expressions, speech patterns, walking speed and frequency, typing speed, sleep patterns, and other health metrics.According to the report, participants in the study will fill out questionnaires about how they feel, and the levels of cortisol, the stress hormone in the participants’ hair, will also be measured.

Health data will be compared with the survey and cortisol levels. Apple ‘s other partner, Biogen , will also process the data in the same way.

In fact, it was claimed that the project with Biogen started recently and that 20 thousand people will be followed.Apple ‘s research projects with the two partners are at an earlier stage and may never come to light.

As a result, Apple has important steps to take in its health-related determinations. The FDA and other agencies also need to review and approve projects.

Another unnamed industry source stated that Apple ‘s plans are not surprising.

The source explained that apart from Apple, other large companies such as Fitbit, Google and Samsung have also invested heavily in health research, and that one of these names may introduce a feature such as early detection of depression the day after tomorrow.

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