With 3 new organized industrial zones to be established in Ordu, the number of employment will increase to 30 thousand.

According to the news in Anadolu Agency, expropriation works are continuing for 3 new OIZs to be established in Ordu, where 7 thousand people are employed in the two organized industrial zones (OIZ).

While 14 companies operate in Ordu OIZ in Altınordu district with approximately 3 thousand workers, 30 companies employ approximately 4 thousand workers in Fats OIZ. OIZs, which include enterprises such as hazelnut cracking factory, textile, wood, plastic, mining industry, concrete products and food industry, contribute significantly to the reduction of unemployment in the city.

Governor Seddar Yavuz stated to the Anadolu Agency correspondent that work has been initiated to establish 3 more OIZs throughout the province, as an indicator of the value the government places on industrialization, production and the real sector.

Stating that the expropriation procedures for the newly established OIZs are continuing, Governor Yavuz stated that as of now, the expropriation value of approximately 22 million TL has been paid to the property owners, and negotiations with the relevant ministries are ongoing to make the remaining payments. Yavuz stated that they will employ approximately 15 thousand people in the three OIZs that are planned to be established, especially in terms of preventing migration and bringing qualified migration to Ordu.

” he said. Saying that they will not be satisfied with this figure, and that their goal is to implement OIZs where 30 thousand people can work in a short time, Yavuz noted that they spend a lot of time to achieve this.

Yavuz stated that they are planning a city where at least 30 thousand people work in the OIZ, “When we complete the new OIZs, we expect investors to invest in this city quickly because we offer serious advantages that will appeal to investors.” said.

Stating that Ordu is a city whose value is increasing due to its geographical location, Governor Yavuz stated that the export figures in the city will increase significantly with the new OIZs to be established.

Yavuz also said that they will enjoy the advantage of the Ordu-Giresun Airport and the Black Sea-Mediterranean Road in particular. Governor Yavuz added that they see the future of Ordu very bright with the new OIZs to be established.

The number of jobs is increasing every year The Director of Ordu Organized Industrial Zone in Altınordu district of Ordu, Olgun Topkaya,

stated that 62 companies operate on 74 industrial parcels in the OIZ, which continues its activities, and stated that 3 thousand people are employed in these companies. Stating that there is a significant increase in the number of employment every year, Topkaya said, “In our organized industrial zone,

apart from food factories, various companies such as furniture and construction materials, plastic industry, textile and textile washing, machine manufacturers, concrete and concrete products, cleaning materials and petroleum products industry operate. Our goal is to employ 6 thousand people in this OIZ.” he said.

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