Twitter is undergoing a big change.

The popular platform recently announced its new design and announced that it was testing. With the new design, photos, GIFs and videos will be seen in full screen.

The change in design was also likened to Instagram . On the other hand, the feature of removing followers has also emerged.

While these developments are taking place, Twitter has announced that it will try ” Twitter Reactions “, the feature of reacting to tweets with emojis , exclusively in Turkey for a limited time .

Here are the details…Twitter has added a series of emojis to give people a new way to quickly and easily share their feelings about a tweet, as a like doesn’t always meet all the feelings,

Twitter said in a statement.The statement noted: “Reactions are also shown next to a tweet (next to the ‘like’ button in real time) to help others understand the conversation better as the conversation progresses .; It has a wide variety of people, cultures, and communities.

That’s why we tried to find emojis that are universally recognized and represent what people want to express about tweets and ultimately encourage more meaningful conversations.

To do this, we researched what the most common words and emojis in tweets were, and conducted surveys of how people felt when reading tweets and which emojis resonated around the world.

At the same time, most people told us that they would rather both express and receive responses that revolve around ‘funny’, ‘support’/’joy’, ‘agreement’ and ‘great’. The most important emotions people feel when reading tweets are ‘amused’ and ‘curious’.

While ‘disappointment’ and ‘anger’ are also common emotions people feel when reading tweets, and some people would like to express their disagreement with the tweets, we currently do not include them as emoji reactions. would opt for other forms of interaction that allow more context.


the “Like” button as always. Reactions will give people more ways to quickly show how they’re feeling in conversations, while also giving tweeters a better understanding of how their tweets are being perceived.

Reactions feature will be available for a limited time only in Turkey , Twitter for iOS , Android and

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